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 About our Infant Program

Program Features

  • Native Spanish-speaking teacher

  • Teachers trained in NAEYC standards and American Academy of Pediatrics developmental milestones

  • All caregivers CPR, First Aid and SIDS training in Infants

  • Curriculum designed to enrich each child’s senses through the environment, providing opportunities to enjoy and explore by touching, seeing, hearing, and grasping many exciting new concepts

  • Teachers dedicated to the development of trust, security, and emotional growth through prompt, tender, and responsive care

  • Small group sizes to enable teachers to meet the individual needs of the children

  • A daily schedule developed by parents and teachers to meet the individual needs of each child (this schedule can change as often as necessary, however must be changed monthly)

  • Individualized lesson plans created to enhance and stimulate development at each child’s pace.

  • Detailed individual reports on child’s activities provided daily

  • Assessment profiles used to identify developmentally appropriate learning objectives for each child.

  • Music & Movement for Gross Motor development

  • Online evaluations of American Academy of Pediatrics milestones available to parents from teachers


Ages: 6 weeks to 12 months
Child-teacher ratio: 1:4


Ages: 12 months to 17 months
Child-teacher ratio: 1:5

Little Feet

Choosing Care for Your Child

Selecting an early childhood setting for your young child is an important decision you may have to make as a parent or caregiver of a young child. You will make the best possible choice for you and your child if you have strong knowledge of what you should expect when you are shopping around for care. Parents and Caregivers should partner in your child's growth & development.  Click on the Learning Guides for each stage of growth to guide your family in making this important decision.

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Adorable toddler girl playing with toys


Tiny Tots 2 months - 17 months

BCA Infant program is designed to balance social, physical, cognitive, and language development to stimulate the needs of the whole child. our Tiny Tots program offers our youngest children a loving, nurturing, Christian environment full of stimulating activities in a Spanish Immersion enviornment.

Our babies are exposed to a wide variety of age-appropriate experiences each day including a sensory-rich classroom environment, participation in outdoor time, movement opportunities, sign language curriculum, cooking experiences, daily Bible stories and songs.


During their first years, babies and toddlers start to develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. The normal growth of babies can be broken down into the following areas:

  1. Gross motor – controlling the head, sitting, crawling, maybe even starting to walk, run, and then climb

  2. Fine motor – holding a spoon, picking up a piece of cereal between thumb and finger and moving up to self feeding and drinking from a cup.

  3. Sensory – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling; toddlers love to explore the world around them. Everything is a learning experience

  4. Language – starting to make sounds, learning some words, understanding what people say. As babies grow into toddlers their communication skills develop through signs and then verbal communication.

  5. Social – the ability to play with family members and other children is vital. First separating from primary caregivers and finding their own independence then learning how to share and take turns.

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